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A Pre-Event ‘Fit Fete With Generation Tux Gives New Meaning to GRWM

Okay, so in the last few years, one of the biggest new trends to emerge in the wedding world has been the ?wedding party proposal brunch or luncheon.? Couples wrangle their bests for an intimate event wherein each proposes to their respective squad?asking them to stand by their side on their soon-to-come special day. We love it, obvi. But now that it?s 2023 (oh wow, let?s talk about that craziness another time), we?d like to see a spin-off of this event take off: The wedding party all-suited-up soiree. What does said event entail" Well, just like it sounds?both sides of the wedding party converge in the couture they?ll be wearing for the wedding. The couple gets to see all of their behind-the-scenes style scheming (and we mean that in the best way, okay) come together, and make sure the ensembles they?ve envisioned live up to their dreams. Generation Tux?s special ?arrival 14 days out from the wedding? process makes it easy for you to assemble your I do crew, see them all gussied up, and start getting excited about the wedding day to come. Can we skip to the good part"
You know all those TikToks and reels that show a person stressing about or struggling with things, and then they jump up or snap their fingers and they?re instantly transported to ?the good part"? Well, that?s exactly what comes to mind when we think about wedding party fashion planning. All of the Instagram scrolling, Googling, Pinterest and vision board making to cu...
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