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Cheapest DUI Insurance

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A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can significantly raise insurance rates.State Farm is the cheapest mass-market auto insurance company for drivers with a DUI.It?s a good idea to compare car insurance quotes from many providers to find the best rates.

Getting a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can make your car insurance rates rise significantly, but some companies are much cheaper than others on average. Our team analyzed the best car insurance companies for drivers with DUIs and will highlight the cheapest providers below.

How Does a DUI Affect Insurance Rates"

Depending on your location, insurance company and driving history, a DUI can double or even triple your car insurance rates. Our rate estimates show 35-year-old male drivers pay about $273 per month or $3,277 per year on average for car insurance after getting a DUI. This is about 80% more than the average rate for someone with a clean driving record.
A driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction or DUI stays on your insurance record for three to five years or even more depending on the state. During this time, insurance companies see you as a high-risk driver. You?ll pay elevated rates during those years, which is why it?s important to find an affordable provider.

Cheapest DUI Insurance Companies

According to our data, State Farm is the cheapest mass-marke...
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