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Our Favorite Curtain Rods Organized By Size (+ Our Rules For Hanging Them)

Up until a week ago, my bedroom window did not have curtains. What it had as a covering was a sad, thinly woven blanket nailed to the wall. Before you judge entirely and deem me unworthy of writing for an interior design blog, let me explain. When we moved into this apartment, all of the windows were bare and I found that choosing window treatments was one of the more paralyzing design decisions for this first-time designer. For the first few weeks, blankets and towels were indeed hung over the windows which was a pretty unbearable sight to witness. Eventually, I procured proper curtains for the common living areas but due to design decision fatigue, I chose to ignore the bedroom window until I knew what the design plan would be for that room. I was admittedly being cheap and a tad lazy, so a blanket was our curtain for an agonizing 3+ YEARS. Finally, last week I couldn’t take it anymore so I purchased an actual curtain rod and curtains for the poor, forgotten bedroom window. I probably don’t need to tell you the difference it has made for my mood/mental health. We have actual privacy now, and I no longer avert my eyes and pretend the window doesn’t exist. Now all of this is to say that picking the perfect window treatments can be confusingly debilitating. It can feel like a big design choice/investment so if you are having trouble facing this decision you aren’t alone. The first step is acceptance and the second is to find the right size and st...
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